Buyer Bingo

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In focusing on telephone selling techniques, it feels that Hollywood has a vision of telemarketing that may be out of sync with the real world….

In David Mamet’s Glengarry, Glen Ross, salesmen swear and drink heavily, relying on ancient tricks and tactics to sneak into a prospect’s good graces in hopes of a sales check.

Steve Conrad’s The Pursuit of Happyness tells a different story, based on the true-to-life growth of a seller who overcame adversity and poverty through sheer determination and cold-calling.

Cinema’s history is littered with these: Boiler Room, Wall Street, Death of a Salesman, and more. We are led to believe that dialing prospective buyers is rough work, to be avoided, hated, and even the best sales trainers say “like it or lump it,” or “how many no’s will it take to get to yes?”

This holiday season, download my Buyer Bingo sheet, print it out and compete. Cross off the number of attempts it takes you to get to success, and make one more sale this season so you can offer something extra to the charity of your choice. Have a great December and a Happy New Year!

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