Sean Dykhouse

Sean Dykhouse Photo

Spring 2oo9

Sean Dykhouse is a recognized leader in global management and financial services. His recent positions include work as a Home Mortgage Consultant for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and, in the past, directing sales for the CGI Wealth360 platform, heading business development for the eBusinessware and On Demand Agility Financial Services teams in New York City to achieve record growth for clients that include the Bank of Montreal, Barnes & Noble, Columbia Partners, Credit Suisse, Eden Foods, Habitat for Humanity, ING, Oxford University Press, Santander, State Street, and Virtual Systems. Sean was born in Connecticut and raised in Michigan. Learn more about him by visiting LinkedIn.

Sean’s mission is to:

  • Offer the highest level of service and deliver it in a manner that is highly professional, accessible, and personal;
  • Encourage the growth of banks, financial services, and insurance firms that practice not only innovation and efficiency, but thrift, savings, and the wise use of credit; and
  • Increase the knowledge and ability of the people these organizations serve, in order to manage and secure their financial well-being.

When asked what best describes a true leader, Sean’s reply is simple:
“Someone who promotes and shares information and experiences that inspire, excite, and motivate others to achieve success in business and in life. I consider myself blessed in being able to build wonderful, lasting relationships with people across all aspects of my life.”

Sean’s Statement of Purpose is to consistently strive to:

  1. Treat customers, providers, and employees with the utmost respect;
  2. Pursue the philosophy that clients are deserving of the finest services, and
  3. Be considered integral in and contributory to the community by providing services at cost to designated non-profit or charitable endeavors.

To achieve his mission, Sean subscribes to the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Spontaneity
  • Connectivity
  • Wisdom
  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Potential

In so doing, Sean seeks to achieve:

“…a workplace better than the one most of us have now. It is a workplace where there are people of goodwill, who listen to one another, who are not given to arguing, but who feel free to express differing viewpoints. It is a workplace with a management sensitive to the weaknesses as well as to the strengths of the people and the business; a management that gives everyone special treatment; a management that concentrates on the working environment and that realizes that the process of doing business is the most important part of business. And in this workplace, everyone is treated with dignity and respect, with honesty and trust, and with love — the values and qualities that will make business better even when business is not going well.”

James A. Autry, Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership
(New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1991.)