Distilling Innovation with YouTube.com

When competitive challenges mount, the best leverage in many small companies is innovation and the ability to implement change more quickly and with better results than in large organizations.

200902 Spring When Do We Challenge Status Quo.pub   What would you do if you were faced with the challenge of creating new and effective ways to sell homes in a competitive real estate market?

When I was considering ways to double  ClickAnnArbor.com, my small team of Realtors in sales and in size of the workforce, many fleeting ideas seemed solid. What can a small firm offer that bigger competitors can’t?

Change and technology.

Since the mid-1980s, real estate sales firms have been using technology that puts panoramic views of homes online in what is now called a “virtual tour.” Most Realtors provide this as part of a package in home selling services.

My firm, ClickAnnArbor.com, pioneered the use of low-cost, high-quality digital video technology to replace the “computer nerdy” feel of virtual tours with a newsy YouTube video. This innovation allowed us to become the fastest-growing real estate company in the nation’s slowest-selling state!

Today, real estate agents from Maine to California use YouTube for a much more robust view of property.


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