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Reaching Beyond B2B to the Consumer

Caught in the bind between reaching out to the individual customer at discount Internet pricing or protecting existing relationships with distributors and resellers, one manufacturer found a way to tread lightly.

200902 Spring When Do We Challenge Status   As the world’s largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods, Eden Foods has risen to greatness because, as they put it, they are providing the cleanest, most nutritious foods and accurate information about them, their uses and benefits. Eden does it “to have good food for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and to make it available to you and yours,” says Eden President and CEO Michael Potter.

However, at the turn of the millennium, Eden approached me with a bigger problem: how to grow online sales to consumers without threatening to take sales from existing supermarket and distribution customers?

The answer was simple: by crafting a web experience that is more than just food shopping, became what even boutique markets can’t: a warehouse of nutrition & recipes, even a history of food Eden offers.

The result? Online sales grew 1000% above the original sales figures, reaching new shoppers who return not only to the website but visit the stores.

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